VESA – PLTS in Diplomas event

Last week, I attended a small event in Leicester run by VESA.  As well as some interesting stuff about linking PLTS to different parts of the Diploma, there was also a demonstration of an online IAG product.

With any online demo, the people running the show are at the mercy of the internet, and more specifically, the internet provided by the school, college, conference centre, etc. Unfortunately, this demo came to a halt and had to be switched offline. The media-rich content was mentioned as a possible reason for the connection issue.

This media issue got me thinking about the drive towards including more multimedia in IAG online products. Are internet connections in schools and colleges keeping pace with media-rich products? Are teachers and the IT staff in educational establishments being consulted enough during the product development process?

I’d be interested to hear from anyone in a school or college who’s had connectivity issues with any of the major online products. Maybe, a media-rich version and a ‘lite’ one could be the answer?

One final thing, what’s the ‘correct’ pronunciation of PLTS? I thought it was ‘pelts’, but heard ‘ploots’ at the event. This is a burning issue and needs to be resolved.

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