Conference Feedback

We had a really good conference at CASCAiD last Thursday. There was a high attendance this year and with speakers from a variety of backgrounds, it all made for an interesting day.

Dr Tristram Hooley, Head of iCeGS at the University of Derby was our Keynote  Speaker, who looked at the future of IAG. He considered a number of issues including policy and the current economic climate.  I was interested in his views on the use of social media and that engaging with the technology could be a career management skill.  

An obvious but sometimes overlooked fact was also pointed out and that was that we couldn’t predict the future, not in terms of the future of the guidance system (something on every political party’s agenda) or even predicting our own career. Sometimes at CASCAiD we receive feedback from users, such as “Kudos told me to be an Accountant” and as we try to point out, we all take a career journey that develops throughout our lives and that can lead us to having several types of jobs.  It’s impossible to predict where we will end up.  What our careers matching programs do is to simply provide an aid to the decision-making process and generate ideas.  It can’t predict the future and where you are going to end up in 10 years time but it can help with the here and now and support you with your decisions. A number of delegates did comment of their feedback forms that they found the topic of social networking very interesting and useful. Tristram’s presentation slides are on the CASCAiD website.

We also had presentations (also available from our website) from Andrew Fairbrother, Product Manager at Serco Learning  who looked at ‘Integration, the importance of eILP – ePortfolio Solutions’ and Ian Young, Executive Director of TDR Training who talked about Diploma IAG. There was also a presentation from CASCAiD’s Business Development Manager, Dave Evans who looked at Meeting the IAG needs of the Diploma with Launchpad and Diploma Liftoff.

We finished off the afternoon by offering delegates the chance to have a hands-on session of all the latest software.  This gave us all the chance to look at the practical application of the programs and also helps us to understand how the programs are used out there. The nice thing that we seem to get back from our delegates is that they find the CASCAiD Conference an informative and useful day.

Look out for videos of the speakers from the day…coming soon!

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