When I grow up…

Just listened to an interesting documentary on the BBC iPlayer called When I Grow Up. It looks at the aspirations career-wise of a group of 11 year olds in 1969. They were all asked to write a quick essay with predictions about what they’d be doing when they’re ‘grown ups.’

On the BBC news website, I found a short article looking at the radio show. This quote caught my eye. “There is definitely an observable link between what people are aspiring to do when they are 11 years old and what they end up doing when they are older.” Professor Jane Elliott of the Centre for Longitudinal Studies.

There are clearly many people who have some idea from an early age what type of career they’d like to go into. However, I imagine, for every young person with clear ideas, there are many with scant knowledge of the variety of careers that may be available. Also, those with aspirations may be picking from a small group of careers known to them, things like doctor, policeman/woman, teacher, etc. There’s nothing wrong with going for one of those options, of course, but the key aspect has to be that the decisions are well-informed.

The people without clear ideas about their career paths need advice and guidance to help them fulfill their potentials. Of course, those with aspirations need help as well. Their ‘dream’ job may not appear so perfect once they’ve done some thorough research, or their choices may be based on limited knowledge of what’s out there.

As ever, the key is comprehensive, up to date and accessible careers information.

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