Skills and inclusion report launch

Earlier this week, we attended the National Skills Forum report launch on Skills and Inclusion at the House of Commons.

Last autumn, the National Skills Forum joined forces with the Associate Parliamentary Skills Group and launched an enquiry into how disadvantaged groups have difficulties accessing skills development, learning and training opportunities.

The inquiry focused on recommendations for developing employment opportunities for various socially excluded groups, including ex-offenders.

The inquiry sought evidence from organisations with a link to skills development.

At CASCAiD, we drew on 40 years’ experience of supporting people with their skills development and career plans to provide evidence of information, advice and guidance provision for offenders and ex-offenders.

We particularly focused on how careers guidance and information resources such as our own are vital for delivering impartial advice which does not make judgements about a person’s social or economic background.

At the report launch, Baroness Verma, Conservative spokesperson for Universities and Skills and Stephen Williams MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills both stressed the need for greater impartially in careers guidance to ensure that, regardless of their background, people can find out about all of the opportunities available to them.

You can read the full report on the findings of the inquiry on the Skills and Inclusion website here, along with our evidence here.

We look forward to seeing how the report’s recommendations around improving access to impartial guidance for these disadvantaged groups are taken forward.

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